Can't run Glasswire with McAfee Total Protection

I’ve gone round and round with the McAfee tech support. They are complete morons and utterly unable to understand the problem let alone solve it.

The Problem: Glasswire will not engage the firewall with McAfee Total Protection Installed - with or without the McAfee Firewall turned on.

There is another thread indicating there is a solution, but the link to the solution is broken. Does anyone know what the solution is?

Could this link help?

@Dougga Honestly, just uninstall McAfee and never look back. Microsoft Defender is excellent protection.

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I wonder:

It concerns me seeing Comodo up there as top ranking… Comodo used to issue SSL certificates to well known malware distributing websites… Zero trust for them, ever. Unsure if avlab allows for companies to “contribute” financial support for better ratings, too.

One I know of that has been around and is trusted is av-comparatives.

I also look at it as… why install some third party antivirus when Microsoft Defender handles everything and is integrated into the OS so it’s not intrusive.