Can't see devices signed on to range extender

I just installed Glasswire Basic - we have a range extender on our network, the network monitoring shows just the devices signed on directly to the router and doesn’t show those that are signed on to the range extender. I bought Glasswire to figure out which devices are using the most data, but our streaming devices (Roku, Amazon Firestick, tablet) all access the network through the extender.

How do I monitor activity that comes via the extender?

Are you able to ping the devices from your PC that has GlassWire installed? If not then they must be on a separate segmented network where GlassWire can’t see them.

Also GlassWire can only see the data on the devices it’s installed on, so it is required that the device be a Windows PC. However the “Network” tab should be able to give you a list of ALL devices that are on your network.