Can't send to bottom and keep it there

I want Glasswire window to go to the bottom (or even the tool tray) and stay there, unless it finds something of importance that needs my attention. I have a tool called Actual Windows that works almost universally in handling windows to my liking and could have handled this (send to bottom) automatically, but your design precludes that software. It also doesn’t offer me a choice between send to bottom and stay on top that I’ve found. Did I miss it?


Sorry for the issue. When you say “send to bottom” what do you mean exactly? Do you mean the app is completely hidden and minimized?

GlassWire windows don’t use the Windows standard controls which is what Actual Windows works with.

This has been discussed in several topics such as the following example:

@Remah The issue directly above seems to have been solved awhile back though, I think? I just tested and maximized GlassWire, then exited and restarted the app and it opened again maximized.

For the mini viewer @dwpenn there is a setting on it if you click the small settings icon directly to the right of the top left X that gives you the option to keep it “on top”, so if you’re talking about the mini viewer then that could be the issue?

I hope this helps.

That specific bug was resolved but I was referring to GlassWire’s non-standard control of windows.

A GlassWire window maximizes by resizing itself to the display size and repositioning itself. The problem is that GlassWire does not do this using the standard Windows method which is what the Actual Windows software interacts with.