Can't start GlassWire service since major 2.x update

Since version 2.0.78 from december 2017 GlassWire can’t connect to local server and therefor I can’t use the program. I tried every version, including latest 2.0.115. During the last steps of installation ist says:
Installing service - done
Starting service - failed
After that the program tries to connect to local server > attempts 1-2-3 > ‘The GlassWire service stopped running’.

I considered many tipps from similar posts like ‘clean install’, ‘restore windows firewall settings’, deleting files and restarting. I also can’t start ‘GlassWire control service’ manualy in Windows services. Error code 1068.

Has anyone foud a solution for the problem?


Can you try installing our latest update with the “clean” install option checked? Please confirm.

I already clean installed the last version 2.0.115. Same result as previous versions: Can’t start GlassWire service / Can’t connect to local server.


Are you seeing any .dmp files on the desktop?

No .dmp files on my desktop.


Could you email us some logs? Here’s how to do it.

  1. Stop the GlassWire service with the task manager;
  2. Create a log.conf text file with notepad and place it at C:\ProgramData\GlassWire\service
  3. Start the GlassWire service;
  4. Reproduce the problem;
  5. Send us the logs folder C:\ProgramData\GlassWire\service\log

The log.conf text file should have this text in it and should not end in .txt:


Please note in your case, the service will not start so you shouldn’t have to start/stop it, but you can create the log file then install GlassWire over itself to recreate the problem, then send us the logs when the service fails to start.


:star2: Solution :star2:
Thank you for all the answers, but after reserching again I found the solution for the problem in my case!

Under windows services > GlassWire control service > properties > dependencies
I saw, that GlassWire needs the service ‘Automatic WiFi configuration’ to work. This service was disabled, because I only use LAN on my PC. I set it from disabled to automatic and now the GlassWire service can start.

Maybe I could help someone with a similar problem.

In addition it should be noted that if you are already using a stand alone firewall that takes over for windows firewall service you have to re-enable windows firewall since glasswire uses it’s base functions much like WFC does.
This includes f-secure, privacyware, avg and several others.
The Error 1068 error code ins’t very clear on what the problem is. It’s only a general direction pointer.
You need to re-activate windows FW services to get the glasswire service to start. Not really comfortable with the whole macro needed vc++ style of needing WFC service.
If it was just for a gui then i’ve no problem with that. But it needs a windows service none the less.


Sorry for the issue. I’m doing almost all support for our helpdesk and I haven’t had anyone report this yet. If I start to see this I’ll add it to our FAQ.

If our service doesn’t start we now link to a FAQ with tips to solve it.

I had to remove glasswire since it was trying to access some odd ISP IPs. My other firewall caught it.
Some rather odd interactions with svchost as well. Nice simple gui software but this is some odd activity for a firewall. Also for some odd reason glasswire was preventing me from running registry cleaners.
It’s fixed now. However why would it do that? The reg cleaner is not even trying to auto update and it didn’t appear in the glasswire app monitor either.
Thank you for the help.


GlassWire only checks for updates or activation, nothing more. The IP addresses are not odd and they are the same US hosted IP addresses where our website is. If you don’t like that just make GlassWire block itself with its own firewall.

GlassWire also doesn’t interact with svchost, and it does not prevent registry cleaners in any way and has no ability to do so. Not sure why you think that any of that could be true.

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