Can't surf the internet

I don’t know when the firewall feature of glasswire became paid feature.
I’ve disabled windows host connection when I still have access to the glasswire (gw) firewall, now I need to re enable my windows host connection but it say I have to buy the glasswire, are the feature now become paid?
If so, how do I re enable my windows host connection without buy this scam?

P.s. I’ve tried to uninstall gw but still can’t surf the internet, other than surfing, I still can connect (online games, spotify, etc)

GlassWire’s Firewall when your trial ends shuts off completely and has no ability to block anything. It sounds like there is a bug with your PC.

To solve the problem and rule out GlassWire completely please uninstall GlassWire in add/remove programs, then go to your “Windows Firewall” control panel and choose “restore defaults” then reboot.

If the problem continues then the problem you are experiencing is unrelated to GlassWire because we use the Windows Firewall API, and once you reset the Windows Firewall GlassWire cannot block anything anymore, even if there was a bug previously.

Also, our free trial has been in place since December of 2017. It’s nothing new that we have changed recently.

Thank you for the help, Servo. I can surf normally now.
I’ve been using gw for about a year, at the time, I
don’t even know if gw is on trial. The only thing I know that the block connection feature is free feature, and only paid feature is the skin and other stuffs.
I’ve registered my email too in the free gw.
Guess that I have to find another firewall then, gw is great, I appreciate this app, would recommend to my friend. But with 39$ price tag, I might need an alternatives

I’m glad it’s working now and sorry for the problem!

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