Can't update to 2.1.152

all I get now is “trying to connect to local server” 3 attempts and then it says “The Glasswire Service stopped running”. This happened last time & can’t remember now how I got it working. The install procedure was different this time in that it hung for ages on “Installing Microsoft Runtime Libraries” - then an error message came up and I think it said it was writing them to the logs, which I can’t find now - looked in the Glasswire subdirectory. Help please, how can I get it to work?



Please try this:

Go to add/remove programs and uninstall GlassWire. Don’t use a third party uninstaller because it will not remove our driver and it can cause this error.

Reboot - Important step!

Go to and download our latest version.

Install GlassWire using its “clean install” option in its installer. It’s a box you must check.

Did it work?

Thanks for answering so quickly Ken, I did that exactly and it’s made connection now. I see I’ve lost all my History which isn’t important I suppose. But I was expecting to have to copy my serial number in again but when I look down the drop down box, it says “Deactivate Glasswire” - so I suppose it’s remembered that I’m a paid up subscription?



Sorry, I should have mentioned how to back up your history. I apologize.

Yes, if it says “deactivate” you are activated and you don’t need to activate again. We make the clean install keep activation as to avoid people having to re-enter their code. We don’t want paid customers to ever have activation issues.

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