Can't use the Glasswire Elite activation in the another computer (solved)

just now bought the Glasswire Elite
and the thing make me buy this one that i can use it in 10 PC

i am used it at my company computers
already install the Glasswire and i activated by the normal way , its work fine
the problem now i cant use the same code in the other PC

is that mean i just can use the code for one PC only ?


Thank you for upgrading to Elite.

GlassWire Elite works on 10 PCs. What error are you seeing? Can you email us the code? We can check it and fix it if it’s an older code

If this is a brand new code, do you use Kaspersky or any other software that interferes with https connections? We use an https connection to activate, so it’s usually very reliable. If you use third party security software that has some kind of “man in the middle” type system, can you disable it temporarily to activate?

Is GlassWire blocking itself? If so can you make it unblock itself?

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I’m a new customer and had the very same problem just now. The error message read, “The activation code is not valid. Please try copying and pasting the code or buy another code”.

Turns out that another firewall had indeed blocked https, so your answer instantly helped me. Thank you very much!