Capture application traffic


I love glasswire from the first moment I found it. Its really a great application not only for network administrators. I would like to capture the traffic a specific application is generating. Would it be possible to do that? Something like choos application and from then every packet this applications generates/receives will be captured to the disk.
Wireshark file format would be great!

Greeting and keep going on the great work!

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Thank you for your feedback. We have thought about adding PCAP capturing as a paid feature. Would that do what you need?

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it would be nice to have

what is the cost? …


Yes that would do what I need! Perhaps it would be free for users who already paid for glasswire?
I would like to klick on a icon similar to the firewall icon to capture the traffic an application generates.

Maybe we would make this for Pro/Elite users only… not sure though. We wouldn’t charge outside our normal paid/free probably, so nothing unusual.


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when it can be implemented?

Still investigating it, sorry for the delay.