Change the behaviour of pre blocking

Hi, when using other firewall software (an example is eset security, outpost firewall etc) when a new application is detected, its as if the application is told “please wait…”
(the application wil keep waiting for internet connection (not for too long), and then when pressing allow on the firewall, the software needing access just connects automatically

however with glasswire its just told “your blocked”, the program immediately fails to connect, I then press allow, but have to restart the program that wanted internet access

just wondering is there something in the coding that you have done this by design? it appears different to any other firewall i’ve tested

most other firewalls = somehow tell the application wanting access that its awaiting user input and waits for a few seconds)
glasswire = just immediately block the connection and make the user restart the app


I will see if it’s possible. Of course I’d prefer GlassWire work this way too, good point. Thanks!

Hi, i think any firewalls ive tried over the years do the same, its as if they can send a “waiting…” string to the app or something

Eset internet security

agnitum outpost firewall

kaspersky internet security

sygate firewall (wont work in win 10)

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Can you give an example of an application that doesn’t immediately fail to have a connection with one of these other security software applications? What is an example application that can detect “please wait” with these other firewalls, but fails with GlassWire? Several examples would be great.

Hi Ken…
I would say any application…
For example Google chrome… With eset… Chrome seems to hang until I select allow or block
With glassware I immediately get a connection failed/offline prompt… Then I get the glasswire pop up which I select allow… then I need to refresh chrome.

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Other example apps are windows 10 apps like store etc.

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but are the examples of firewall applications (hardware or software or whatever) that do work like that?

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by the way intrestingly I had something with opera, it literally said that the firewall was in the way and the second I clicked on allow it loaded the page. dont ask me how or why, it just happened.


The Opera browser has a built in VPN, so if you allowed its VPN functionality at one point then maybe that functionality is separated from the browser itself. Just guessing.

Or, if you’re using multiple firewalls that access the Windows Firewall perhaps there was a conflict.

nah I just have glasswire, but opera literally wrote that the connection was blocked by a firewall.
maybe the status reset after some update.