ChangingTime Format

Is there a way to change the time format

Do you want to change from US to EU format or what change do you prefer? I thought the current version of GlassWire auto-detects OS time format settings and uses those but I could be mistaken.

Thanks for the reply Ken,
It didn’t occur to me to identify which time I was referring to. I would like to have the time be a 12 hour cycle as apposed to 24. Hopefully I didn’t miss take what I was looking at and think it was a time reference, when it meant something else.

Is your operating system set to a 24 hour cycle or 12 hour?

Thanks for sticking with this Ken,

My operating system is Windows 7 Ultimate, 64 bit. It apparently has a default of 12 hour cycle, which I have not changed. I had no idea there was a choice available.

We have never seen this problem before but we’ll try to recreate this bug and fix it. Meanwhile I recommend you try uninstalling GlassWire, then reboot, then reinstall and see if that solves it.

All of the available languages are displayed correctly the time in 24-hour format, the only language English displays the time in 12-hour format (AM/PM) incorrectly. Only accidentally sets the required 24-hour time format…

(GlassWire Basic 1.1.15b, Windows 7 Pro 64bit CZE (Czech Edition), SP1, 24-hour time format.)

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Where is the problem, for me or application?
No suggestions?

Sorry, I don’t understand the problem.

The system time format is set to 24 hours.

Other languages (such as German, French, Chinese, kata-kana, etc.) in GlasWire display correctly the time in 24-hour time format. The time is displayed incorrectly in the 12-hour format (AM/PM) only when you choose the language English.

Therefore, when the English language settings cannot be set (or I can’t set) the 24-hour time format.

I understand now. We’ll consider adding an option in the settings in the future so users who have English as their language can choose their preferred time format.

Just update your knowledge …
When I described the lack of appeared, I have uninstalled and installed again GlasWire. In one case, after the reinstallation of the time display correctly even in the English language in 24-hour format, but after a reboot of the computer (or after the computer resumes from hibernation, I don’t know) the time began to appear, again incorrectly (am/pm).

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is there is sollution ? for AM/PM or 24-hour time format ?


We’re working on this, sorry for the delay. GlassWire should detect the proper format and show it but for some reason for some users it doesn’t, so we’re working on adding a setting.

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Hardcore necro but as of 2020 the english language STILL defaults to am/pm time format without any way of changing it.



Thanks for your feedback. We’re still working to improve this.

Just updated to 2.2. Nothing changed. Why is it so hard to put in a setting to choose the time format?


You can check the box “use system time format”. Go to the top left menu and choose “settings”.

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YES! Finally! thank you and sorry for nagging.