Check In - Glasswire fully operational, thanks!

Are you happy with Glasswire? Everything fully operational? Yep, me too! Let people know!

This is an optional thread for any users who want to check in from time to time and report that all is well with the Glasswire app. Maybe you want to share some tips, or just report smooth sailing with your Glasswire.

In my email inbox today was the regular email from the Glasswire forum team listing various problems and solutions that some Glasswire users are dealing with. Most times I just delete the email as Glasswire has worked flawlessly for me since I installed it three years ago (thanks everyone!) so I decided to start this thread for anyone who wants to share any good news or report the usual fully operational status that probably most users experience.

Big thanks to the Glasswire team, it’s business as usual here with me, all is well, thanks for your invaluable service :wink:

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