Checkbox required

if new update is coming soon please consider to add checkbox to remove more than 1 app at a time

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I’d like this too. I feel like this whole “firewall” section is very lacking. Even though Glasswire is marketed as a firewall/frontend for WF, the monitoring features feel more complete than the firewall. I like the software enough that I bought Elite, but in hindsight I’m also disappointed that development seems so immature for how long it’s been out.

I don’t know if this is just a bug for me or not but clicking on “Apps” “Hosts” and the arrows doesn’t rearrange the list at all.

There’s also no reason why the list shouldn’t be searchable/filtered somehow as well, or maybe even a “block for x time” dropdown option. The #1 feature I’m really hoping for is an “allow once” button on the popup prompts when ‘ask to connect’ is enabled. There’s also no reason why the allow/first connect prompts couldn’t show vital information like port. Why can’t we only block/allow certain ports as well?

Could also be a great idea to have a whitelist of the locations of common Windows system binaries that would easily be identifiable in the list with some sort of windows logo/or make that particular app row a more distinct colour.


Thanks for your feedback. Our 2.0 update will have “Profiles” that allow you to quickly block/unblock apps.