Chromium browser connected to Smart TV?

According to Glasswire, Chrome and other Chromium browsers are constantly connected to the local IP address that happens to be assigned to the Nintendo Switch. I’m not sure exactly why Chrome is so interested in talking to the Nintendo switch, considering that it does not have any browser-accessible user interfaces, or indeed any network connectivity with other devices at all (except possibly with other Nintendo Switches, though I only have one).

Is glasswire mistaken, or is there something weird going on between Chrome and the Nintendo Switch?

Well, I guess they’re called “SMART” TVs for a reason. They’re smart enough to fool me, hahaha.

My Smart TV apparently decided to identify itself to my router as one of the devices plugged into it rather than what it actually is (it’s seriously funny seeing my Sony TV claim to be a Nintendo product XD). As the smart TV is using the Android operating system, I’m guessing the connection between the two is either some feature in the TV I don’t know about, or your typical 1e100 pieces of information being gathered by Larry Page.