Clarification on licensing for a home LAN

I’m a little unclear on the number of PCs/number of remote connections licensing.

Let’s say our family has 5 computers, but only 2 are used by someone technical that would want to see or control the app.

I assume the Pro version could be installed on those 2 PCs, and the free version on the other 3, with Pro connecting to those. That counts for 2/3 “PCs” and 3/10 “Remote connections.”

My question is do the 3 non-Pro PCs still allow the Pro PCs to use the additional functionality only available in the Pro version?

Or put another way, I understand anyone using the non-pro PCs would not have “ask to connect” - but can Pro do “ask to connect” remotely, so the non-Pro PCs would be blocked until the Pro PC connected said it was ok?

No. I hope this helps!

The functions of the Pro version are only part of the Pro installation. But if you have a Pro license, you can install on the three machines and get full Pro function on each. The other two would have only the Free capability. And explicitly, you cannot use the Pro function to remotely monitory Pro functions on the Free machines.