Clear Firewall settings

Suggest new features and other improvements for GlassWire.

Please add OPTION to Clear all settings along with history. A check box with “clear all firewall settings” would be nice.

Current firewall needs quite a fire improvements to be more useful as it gets pretty cluttered and you can’t tell what’s happening “now” when a bunch of items are blocked and running, but I can post separately.

  • show history of activity of firewall item
  • group same applications
  • “inactive” is ambiguous, when the “active” ones doesn’t show much activity (hence the need for history).
  • ability to sort by different stats (last active,
  • hide firewalled items like the current “inactive”
  • easier to delete items
  • … and many more


Our next update will have an option in the installer to clear all settings, but I agree that having that in the app settings may be useful also.

Our 2.0 software will have firewall profiles and will implement most of your suggestions, thanks!

Hi Ken,

Thanks for the update about the future firewall features.

looking forward to

  • “clear all data and settings” in the installer
  • “clear firewall setting + history” alongside the “Clear Histoy” option


  • If there are more features for firewall in the near future, then I might not necessarily want to always “clear firewall settings” for the use-case that I’m frequently faced.
  • Be able to keep the accumulated data, but able to clear the accumulated data temporarily, like an “archive all” , or some global viewing filter based on time (maybe extending the filter used by the live graph to all the tabs?)

Use Case:

  • With so much activity going on, the data can get very cluttered and hard to read “at a glance”. I found it handy when troubleshooting (with tech and non tech people) to be able to “clear everything from view” temporarily.
  • currently I DO want to keep data history other settings (servers, clients, etc) that I might have on some systems, including other firewall settings that might be available in the future versions.

Hope this makes sense