"Click To Block" Does Not Work After Restart


I’ve been using GlassWire for few days now, but it seems that the “Click To Block” function doesn’t work for me, well at least not entirely/permanently.

When I block a software it does work for some time, but after an reboot it doesn’t anymore.
It indicates in the UI that the App is still blocked, but traffic goes through tho.


tested on my beta Client, (1.1.41b)
been through multiple reboots & retested, by blocking chrome. It blocked this page fine.

I would backup your programdata/glasswire folder
Stop glasswire
delete the current version
Restart glasswire and re-test

if it still happens reuse your old progamdata folder

i had a issue like this where switching to click to block was stuck on. above fixed the issue.

(im not a glasswire mod or worker)