Coming soon... RDP detection and app search in GlassWire

We’re releasing a GlassWire update soon with RDP detection, and the ability to search for apps on our firewall window. The update will probably be out next week. :+1:

If you have feedback on new feature ideas for GlassWire please let us know here, or on other threads in the forum.


5 years… And nothing happened. New feature ideas? No, thanks. You guys already actively working, maybe another summer, right?

Firewall page - please add a filter option into the App and Hosts column. This will allow me, for example, to easily see just how many rules I’ve got in place for “Nvidia Install Application”.

This leads me on to:

Right now I have 6 rules for multiple versions of the Nvidia installer, all for different versions. I’d like to multi-select 5 of them, hit delete and have them all removed, rather than doing them one by one. Multi-checkbox selection would be fine.