Communication behind svchost

I am afraid there can be tons of hidden Microsoft communication through svchost. Is there any way how to protect privacy data that flow through svchost?

The setting that could work - can you confirm?
I enable svchost in GlassWire and then in Windows 10 firewall, I created rule for DHCP allowing outgoing UDP connection for svchost on ports 57 outgoing and 58 incoming. For some reason, it allows to resolve DNS, probably by connecting to my wifi router.

Any other way to enable svchost to do only what WE want, not what MS wants?

Thanks, Jan

Unfortunately it’s tricky to see what svchost is doing but we’re still investigating what is possible.

Awhile back we made this Blog post on how to disable most of the Microsoft Telemetry features.

I hope I am allowed to make a suggestion for a third party program… I personaly like to use Spybot Anti Beacon to deactivate quite some Microsoft Telemtry features. Easy & Simple to use