Confortable every-day-use with quick-buttons

Even if Glaswire is nice in detail and detecting anything and everything, its usability is still not made for “every-day-use” in a comfortable way. To improve this, you could provide a kind of profile-bar. This should have:

  • An almost empty sizeable bar with a “firewall on/off” button, a “block all” button and an “add profile” button
  • the “add profile” button will than show the task list, where you can specify, which tasks are allowed in this profile
  • an icon of at least 32x32 or better 64x64 can be joined to each specific profile-button
  • a set of icons is provided, which represent a specific app (for example the SKYPE-Icon)
  • a second set of icons is provided to sign specific use-cases like “Office-Work”, “RDP”, “Gaming” etc.

The bar should be placeable free on the users prefered position on the Desktop and remember this position

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Thank you for your feedback. We are already working on these improvements for our 2.0 version.

That’s great; thank you.