Connection not logged with glasswire

glasswire didnt show connection which made by itself. why it didnt show its own connections? on porpouse? sth to hide?

GlassWire shows all its own connections and even allows users to block GlassWire itself under its own Firewall.

GlassWire checks for suspicious host updates and software updates, so if you cause GlassWire to block itself then your suspicious hosts won’t be updated, and you won’t know about updates.

We make money through selling our software and none of your data or network activity is able to reach our servers, so we could not see it even if we wanted to.

hi, thanks for response.
i have glasswire with comodo firewall and comodo reported connection glasswire is making (next time i will give you ip adress GW connection to). also GW service(?) (GWIdlMon.exe) also make outgoing connections. why they do? also there is no sign of these connections in GW.


That’s the connection on your PC between our driver and our .exe, it’s not an external connection. Or it could be GlassWire checking for updates and its malicious host list as mentioned above.

ok, i have screenshots of connection alert from comodo.

what are these adresses and what data is being send?

and here is another connection

Here are whois details for both those addresses:

United States Redmond Microsoft Corporation

United States Ashburn Amazon Technologies Inc.
Resolve Host:

and here it is another ip connection. so dont tell me that this is not sending anything outside. is it spyware? are u sending my traffic outside?

Thank you for your post. As mentioned already above GlassWire checks for software updates and also checks for suspicious host updates. If you don’t want GlassWire to do that you can go to GlassWire’s Firewall tab and make it block itself from accessing the network.

GlassWire does log its own connections. Go under “Graph” then “Apps” then choose the maximum time allotted and you’ll see it there. You can also go to GlassWire’s firewall tab and see all of GlassWire’s parts listed there where they can be blocked.

We do host with Amazon and we use Cloudfront, that’s correct. Cloudfront changes our website IP addresses from time to time. GlassWire also works with Microsoft error reporting like most software on Windows.

You can review our privacy policy here which says “GlassWire does not ever see or collect any of your GlassWire network or graph data. Your network and graph data stays on your computer and is never sent to our GlassWire servers. Our business model is to sell our premium GlassWire software, not to collect or sell your data to advertisers.”

We built GlassWire for ourselves to see what our PC was doing on the network behind our backs. After we launched one of our first users found malware their antivirus missed and we blogged about it here

GlassWire tends to attract people such as yourself who are worried about spying, and we’re also very paranoid about spying ourselves so we understand your concerns completely.

I’m sorry I missed your other recent replies somehow. We always try to answer questions like this immediately because we don’t want people to think we are somehow spying on our users.

I hope my post helps ease your mind about spying and we appreciate your feedback and comments very much.

thank you kindly for explanation. gw is nice peace of software and im glad that is clean… i would be sad to get rid of it. im very concern about privacy, just for idea of freedom sorry for my english :slight_smile:
regards from poland

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