Constant "Device list changed" alerts from Hyper V

Every time I log in recently Glasswire alerts me that a HyperV adapter was removed and then added ( I have Hyper V installed but disabled so I can use Virtualbox ) .


I think it’s some combination of recently updating to Windows 10 2004 and updating Glasswire to 2.2.241.

Is there anything that can be done about this? I dont want to disable “device list changes” alerts if at all possible . (The ability to filter alerts would be great )



These new virtual drivers are quite annoying and they really do seem to actually change. I guess we could look at ignoring them, but then if there is an issue there I think people would want to know.

We’ll discuss this with our team and see what’s possible. Thanks for your feedback.

In most cases we’d just suggest the person disable this setting under the top left GlassWire menu under settings/security, but I see you want to keep them but ignore this one device.