Constant "DNS server settings changed" alerts

Ever since I updated to the latest GlassWire version 2.2.201 I’m constantly getting alerts about changed DNS server settings. Sometimes ~8 alerts per minute. I could disable this alert, but I see a completely different issue in this matter.

Each of these “changes” do not change the IP, as can be seen here:

I wonder why GlassWire is even alerting me about changes if the data shown within GlassWire itself does not indicate any changes. In my opinion there should be an option to disable these kinds of alerts. Yet for now, does anyone know a solution for this, except disabling the “DNS server settings changed” alert?

I’m on Windows 10 Pro 1909 (18363.900) without any VPN. The alerts get triggered even without any software running. I’m using a FRITZ!Box 7590 router with the firmware 07.19-79495 BETA, though I only experience these alerts on this device.


First, please upgrade to 2.2.210 if possible and see if it solves the issue.

If the new update does not solve the issue you can disable those alerts (as you mentioned you know how to do), or just disable the desktop alerts. Go to your settings.

I see the end of the address is cut off for privacy reasons. Are you sure it’s exactly the same if you look at it carefully?

It looks like you may be able to configure multiple DNS servers with your router. Could that be the issue?

Thanks for your report and sorry for the issue. Please let me know if 2.2.210 solves it or if the issue continues.