Constant "DNS server settings changed" alerts

Ever since I updated to the latest GlassWire version 2.2.201 I’m constantly getting alerts about changed DNS server settings. Sometimes ~8 alerts per minute. I could disable this alert, but I see a completely different issue in this matter.

Each of these “changes” do not change the IP, as can be seen here:

I wonder why GlassWire is even alerting me about changes if the data shown within GlassWire itself does not indicate any changes. In my opinion there should be an option to disable these kinds of alerts. Yet for now, does anyone know a solution for this, except disabling the “DNS server settings changed” alert?

I’m on Windows 10 Pro 1909 (18363.900) without any VPN. The alerts get triggered even without any software running. I’m using a FRITZ!Box 7590 router with the firmware 07.19-79495 BETA, though I only experience these alerts on this device.


First, please upgrade to 2.2.210 if possible and see if it solves the issue.

If the new update does not solve the issue you can disable those alerts (as you mentioned you know how to do), or just disable the desktop alerts. Go to your settings.

I see the end of the address is cut off for privacy reasons. Are you sure it’s exactly the same if you look at it carefully?

It looks like you may be able to configure multiple DNS servers with your router. Could that be the issue?

Thanks for your report and sorry for the issue. Please let me know if 2.2.210 solves it or if the issue continues.

I have been getting this same issue with a very similar setup (Intel i7thGen, Win 10Pro 2004 build 19041.329, Malwarebytes, Express VPN, Glasswire PRO v2.2.210)

I am also seeing Glasswire crashing and a program reset on reboot. Three virtual Ethernet connections that were never there before, that cannot be deleted but can be disabled (but which re-enable every time the connection drops or resets, along with the DNS changes above). I am now also seeing browser stalls when the PC is left unattended (both Chrome & Firefox), as well as occasional other system stalls.

I am not sure if all of these are directly related, an extension of the same problem, a cascade issue, completely unrelated, or maybe in part, a Windows 10 update issue. However, I can say that the virtual adapters, Glasswire failures and DNS issues all arrived at the same time, with my 2004 update arriving separately on the 3rd of June 2020.


Yes, I have seen these new Microsoft virtual adapters also and they have also caused me issues on my own PC. In fact once they caused my entire PC to crash. My PC is stable and used for work so it’s very rare that it completely crashes like that.

I think Microsoft will fix the bugs with these new virtual drivers and they will be more stable over time.

Above I asked the person if their DNS servers are changing. It should say in the alert how your DNS servers changed. Does it show yours are changing?

For GlassWire crashing, are you seeing any .dmp files on your desktop? If so could you send them to us using a cloud service like Google Drive? We can then find the cause of the crash.

If you see no .dmp file then it’s most likely it’s not GlassWire that is crashing.

Hi and thanks for the prompt reply.

Noted on the virtual adapters, but I still don’t understand why they have suddenly appeared from nowhere? I never had any before and the internet works fine with them disabled… Do you know what they are for and why they show up now?

As for Glasswire, I have no .dmp files, but on reboot the theme has reset to default along with the window size & position. Most of the options remain set to my preferences, but the “use system time” in the General tab always resets to off.

As for the DNS, it is mainly the IPV6 address that gets reset (but not exclusively) and I have included 2 screenshots below…

Hope that this helps and here for any follow up :slight_smile:

Oh! And in regard to the Glasswire problem, I forgot to say that the mini viewer disappears and is at default when reactivated (tiny, no transparency and set to always on top)

I think it has something to do with Windows 10 version 2004, and maybe the new Windows Sandbox. I saw the same virtual drivers installed on my own PC. Please note these are NOT from GlassWire.

Do you use any “cleaning” applications by chance? That could explain why your settings with GlassWire are reset. GlassWire can’t work properly if its files are deleted. You could white list the programdata/glasswire folder and it would solve the issue if this applies to you.

Hi again
I don’t think that it could be this. Yes, I do very occasionally use ccleaner for more secure drive erasing, and browser cookie cleaning on occasion (but not registry stuff). However, it is set to not run automatically and I have not used it at any time recently.

What is happening is that at shutdown (especially if I forget to close the UI window), Glasswire is grossly delaying/preventing the smooth shutdown of the PC and I have to use the force it option (or if the system has stopped responding, the dreaded 5 second power button option).

Whichever option I choose, I get the software reset after I restart the PC. However, the reset sometimes happens anyway, even without the shutdown issue.

If GlassWire is not remembering its settings then somehow its files are getting deleted.

I have never heard of GlassWire preventing a PC from shutting down. If you go to the task manager and kill our service (GlassWire under “Services”), then try to shut down do you still see the issue or no?

I have already concluded this, and I am glad to hear that my system is unlikely to have been infected by something :slight_smile: So not to worry, I am not blaming GlassWire for these virtual connections, but I would probably have never noticed them without Glasswire :slight_smile:

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No I don’t. And usually just closing the UI window is enough to prevent it happening.

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We will have a major update out in a few weeks. Please be on the lookout.

The update has an optimized user interface and I think it will solve your issue if you install it with the “clean install” option.

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I have been getting these “DNS server settings changed” alerts when my computer wakes from sleep. They appear like this with the “Internet access changed” between the two:

It only happens when I put the computer to sleep, manually using the Start menu. My computer is not configured to automatically go to sleep.

GlassWire version

Windows version
Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.19041.450]


Unfortunately, if I remember correctly this was a known issue with this version. If you update to 2.2.241 it should go away.

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Unfortunately no, updating to 241 made no change : DNS alert change comes every minute, and even more. And of course without any reason…


Can you post the actual alert under the alerts tab? It will show if the DNS server settings changed or not.

Feel free to message it to me privately if you prefer.


Thank you. To me it appears the DNS is the same as it was before so in my opinion it’s a bug. I will share with our team and see how this is possible so we can fix it.

Could you please go to our top left menu and choose “About” and double check you’re using our latest version? Just in case… Thanks!


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Please email me with a link to this thread. We are building a custom version for you to see how this is possible. We’d appreciate your help.