Contents of dB file

Thank you for using GlassWire.

Do you use Bittorrent or anything like that? Bittorrent clients can connect to thousands of hosts simultaneously causing our database to grow quickly. If you don’t need to monitor hosts I’d recommend our GlassWire Lite version.

The way the database is used is proprietary so it cannot be read by another application. All our stats should only be in the database.

No as I already stated many times I m not using bittorrent on the host with glasswire installed. Only in Linux.
So do you want the dB file since I don’t have the right to analyze it even if it s my data ?

I m trying glasswire lite right now yes

The data is ready by GlassWire itself and that database is on your own PC. We never have access to your data or block you from reading your data.

Our database is in a proprietary format because if it was not GlassWire could not function the way it does. We spent around a year building the first version of our graphing technology that logs so much data while using minimal resources in most cases.

If you wanted to email us your database so we could investigate then I could ask one of our developers to check it. Please use a cloud system like Google Drive and link to this thread so we can review the forum information.

I apologize for the issue. Please let me know how it goes with GlassWire Lite.

You have a memory leak into glasswire lite


Wow, that’s a lot of RAM. Does the task manager show the same? Are you sure that tool is accurate?

Could you keep the app installed as it is until Monday (you can exit it if you need)? Our team would like to ask some questions if possible.


May I ask what games you have on your PC, and are you in “Ask to connect” mode with our firewall? We have found a certain unusual game will try to connect over and over (thousands of times per second) while GlassWire is in “Ask to connect” and it can cause this issue.

That tool is rainmeter and they are using the same process as you do for networking. So yeah I’m pretty sure it s always accurate and yes the other tool as task manager is showing the same thing.
Plus we’ve used it in our past conversation
But as you said in your mail, an antiviral protection is preventing the memory allocation which is here Kaspersky.
And there are no game on this host.
Next questions


If you disable Kaspersky does the issue go away?

For what I can see yes but I didn’t try a lot

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There are cumulative problems actually.

Protonvpn when being activating and deactivating is also making glasswire control service going into a loop which uses 25% of my cpu

So what I think is that kaspersky is definitely the one responsible to corrupt the database or impeach your control service to actually run checksum on executables,
But only in specific conditions.
Those conditions are assembled with specific programs and maybe multiple interfaces connected(not to internet but at least to a subnet). And because your control service can’t handle those specific programs very well or those network configurations then during the loop that your control service is doing, it takes too much time and kaspersky takes over and probably block your software.

So we should actually analyze several programs and why your software is having that much of problems with them.
You mentionned several times Firefox for example as giving you headache.
Why is that?
Protonvpn is apparently being also a problem’s source, maybe there are others.

And when I say problem’s source I don t mean a crash but well a high cpu increase

I have never mentioned Firefox causing any issues with GlassWire. I recommend everyone use Firefox as their main browser. In the history of GlassWire I don’t recall anyone ever reporting an issue with Firefox and our software.

Thanks for your feedback and we will continue to analyze different applications and how they work with GlassWire.

Give me a couple of days to show you what I was talking about

@Ken_GlassWire by the way new crash dumps have been uploaded to the folder I linked you to previously on Dropbox.
There is no more the corruption of the database so no empty value for what I can see.
There are still crashes between your control service and your UI. And that is directly linked to what I said before
Which has as consequences or symptoms (depending of your perspective) high increase in RAm like 600MB,
Spike in cpu etc
Which i can see during the loop of your control service

Sorry for the issue. It seems that something is preventing GlassWire from allocating its memory properly in your case, maybe Kaspersky or something like that?

I do know others use Kaspersky with GlassWire with no issues though, so perhaps it’s a special setting most people don’t use that could cause this? Some kind of memory protection feature or setting?

If you disable Kaspersky temporarily does it solve the issue for you?

@Ken_GlassWire you are not following the conversation correctly. I ve told you kaspersky has been completely uninstalled. It should reflect it in the last logs at least maybe you ve pulled not the last ones.

Some remarks though.
Glasswire control service is having problem when shadow client is running and the service had crashed previously and I would restart it while I m already connect it to shadow.
And I m sure you didn’t test already this shadow client since you don t own a subscription to it.

The memory allocation could also be the fact that RAM is full, and maybe you don’t authorized your software to run in pagefile ?

Anyway it s not because of a virus and it s not because of protection program.

Your control service continue to crash without kaspersky installed but a lot less. So again I would suggest you to actually invest in a real test lab. And run your software on low end devices, not desktop but more laptop being overloaded by software running. When you do that I mean and if you have tpm activated I m sure you will encounter the same problem as me.
I just simply think that your software is asking too much ressources while something like rainmeter is capable of giving me a graph in real time without any issue and without any crashes or anything alike.
And when I say your software I m not talking about your UI, I m talking about your control service.
The problem is there, not anything related to your UI where you actually tried to rework so many times now.

You need to rework your code in your control service and I m totally available to test version of the new control service with less and less function in it just to see which one is causing the crashes and the loops.

But for that you should be willing to actually listen to me and not swipe away my advices

Plus I ve made you during the summer a whole list of all my software running and I m sure you didn’t try them one by one to see if they would use the same libraries of your software or would be able to corrupt in some way your files,
The proof of that is that you didn’t even know about the letter after the version of kaspersky security program. So it means that you maybe did try the antivirus version and never the whole suite like total security suite

Thank you for your feedback. I’m very sorry for the issues and we’ll work to improve in the future.

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