Control Service repeatedly thrashes disk

I’m using 1.2.64b, whilst just browsing the net with no downloads or torrents running I’ve notice that the Glasswire Control Service thrashes my disk for around 5-10 seconds every 30-60 seconds repeatedly?

I’ve not noticed this behaviour with previous versions.

Could you try a clean install and see if that helps solve the problem? During the install process choose the “clean install” option.

Thanks for the suggestion but I’ve tried that a couple of time and the disk thrashing continues…

Same problem here. Makes disk usage go to a 100% and lags the entire system.

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We made some changes with our next update that should help with this problem several users reported to us. Thanks for your report.

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Thanks for the update Ken! When will the next update be out do you know?

Also I’ve managed to avoid the problem for now by going into Incognito mode; not ideal but it stops my disks being thrashed.

We hope to have an update out next week, or the week after at the latest.

Still having the same problem as Kidsnd274.


I’m unable to recreate this with any of our test machines. I will ask our team if they have some ideas. Are you using our most up to date software? To check go to the top left GlassWire menu and choose “About” then check for the most up to date version.