Control Service suddenly dying

The control service (2.3.413) regularly suddenly dies. As there is no notice or warning appearing this is critical. I do not use other security software. What might cause these issues? Are there somehwere any logs which might reveal the cause? How can I assure that the GlassWire service is automatically restarted or warnings are issued if it dies?

Hello there and thank you for this post, as everyone can benefit from it.

Usually those types of issues come from a secondary VPN, as GlassWire is using one by default. If you use any other VPN software, it could be the reason for the issue.

Also, We have two types of firewall: default and experimental. Default firewall is our classic mode, and experimental firewall is our new mode that will allow live graphs and host monitoring of apps. You probably have an experimental firewall and it could be the reason for the issue. So, you can choose the default firewall (in the settings or in the upper right corner of the firewall tab) and see if the problem still exists.

Additionally, does your provider support IPv6? If it doesn’t, please go to Settings
→ Firewall → turn off IPv6 support. It should resolve the issue.

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Interesting. Where is the more information posted about these GlassWire features?

Why at all is GlassWire (on Windows) using a VPN and for what? I can confirm, that I (of course) use VPN´s which should never conflict with GlassWire

Shouldn´t we try to find the cause instead of * suspiciously turning off all kind of features?

Under settings there are no firewall settings (see screenshot).

Hi All,

Thanks for the follow ups.

The experimental and the default firewalls are on Android, please excuse me for not clarifying it on my initial post.

As we are working on new features and improvement of existing ones, please allow us some time to review the provided suggestions and implement them in the product.

Feel free to always drop an email at providing your suggestions and requests, as it is our official support channel.

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this is not very helpful. Currently I have bought a unreliable firewall which makes it pretty useless and obviously is not what a paying customer expects. Why can´t you try to find the cause to have a firewall beeing reliable? I expect that even more from a commercial security related product.

Is it possible to drag this back to why is the service stopping? Why is the service stopping so often and is there something we can do to prevent this?

Hi thosj1,

This has been addressed and will no longer be an issue. It was due to an old piece of code that was intolerant to the Windows going to sleep.

Thank you so much for your involvement and dedication!

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