Core security feature requests

First of all I’d like to say that this an amazing product! I switched to glasswire after my previous program (a bandwidth limiting app) failed miserably.

I also wanted to make a few feature requests.

The firewall “ask to connect” feature would be awesome with the help of a few additions.

Core security feature request:

  • Ask to connect needs an allow/block per thread, ip basis similar to lil snitch [1] (current scheme is too open). As an example once you approve your web browser any subsequent page we visit no longer prompts for approval/denial, this is a security concern. The firewall rulesets need to be expanded. Rules should cover a list of multiple hostnames, domains/subdomain or arbitrary IP addresses ranges per thread, service or application.

  • Firewall for incoming connections

  • Whois information on ip addresses

  • Ability to capture traffic and save as pcap.

  • Firewall config import/export feature

UI Feature request:

  • Ability to rearrange and or hide certain tabs all together

  • Dark theme

  • How do we update the app - I can’t find the update button anywhere on the GUI or settings menu?



Thank you for your kind words about GlassWire.

We will release a 2.0 update, then we will begin to implement more improvements for “Ask to connect” over time.

To update the app GlassWire will alert you, then you must download our app from our download page and install it over the current version you’re running. We hope to add auto-updates in the future.

The dark theme is a popular request for Android also.

Thanks for the feedback and ideas!