Corporate use license


I am curious how to classify the license under the EULA for this product. This line in particular raises some questions:
"1. You the GlassWire user are granted a non-transferable, non-exclusive license that says you may install and use this software on one computer. "

Does this mean that this product is licensed only to individuals or is it safe for us to deploy this tool on a corporate basis to many machines? A corporate use license would have one registered user that accounts for several machines.

Some clarification on the deployment options for corporations would be great.

GlassWire is currently in beta. We’re working on a paid version of the software along with a version made especially for business users. How many computers do you estimate you would need to install on? You’re welcome to contact our business email to confirm

Thank you.

How many computers would depend on the licensing options.

If the license was affordable its feasible we could deploy this product to all machines. If not then we would use it on a more limited scale and only for troubleshooting individuals. Installing and uninstalling to remain in compliance as we go.

Considering there is nothing official in the license for business use purposes I will not be able to deploy this product to other business machines until there is.

Thanks for alerting us to this problem. Please contact our business email so I can assist you.