CPU and RAM usage for remote monitoring

I’m sure this is something many people using glasswire for home servers would appreciate, being able to track CPU usage and RAM usage, effectively making glasswire a one-stop program for monitoring their machines. And making it more valuable for people buying Elite for a cluster of machines. I personally don’t think this will be too crucial, but HDD monitoring would be nice, too.

The point is, with how you currently are monitoring network usage, monitoring any of those 3 is a lot more straightforward because it is more of a static statistic per update interval. And I think this would help flesh out the feature-set for remote monitoring. Though, for now, I don’t think this is something needed and shouldn’t be prioritized.

I appreciate what you guys are doing here, keep it up. :slightly_smiling:


Good idea because many people like to monitor their system stats.

The mini viewer might be a good place to put it too.