Crashing On Startup

Every single time I try to launch Glasswire on Windows 10, it just visualizes the network for a few seconds, then crashes. I’ve tried uninstalling it, deleting its AppData folder, restarting, reinstalling. Nothing is working. Any thoughts?

When GlassWire crashes what error do you see? Does the entire application crash or does it show an error in the GlassWire window? Do you use any other firewalls simultaneously with GlassWire? Have you ever installed a previous version of GlassWire before this one?

Sorry for the problem. Hopefully we can figure out what’s happening and get GlassWire running for you.

Sadly, there is no error that appears. It just hangs until Windows decides to forcefully shut it down. I am also using Astrill VPN if that matters. I have no idea what the last version or current version is because as soon as I try to click anything it just hangs. Thank you for replying :slightly_smiling: