Crazy Memory Usage


4mb, including the application and the service!? How long have you been running it? It was substantially higher than that for me within like 1 day.

While little tweaks will surely provide improvement, with the amount of ram that’s being used it seems like some fundamental redesigns of what’s kept resident in memory might be in order. For instance, rather than limiting the overall history to 7 days / 1 day (as you suggested), keep the history long (in the sqlite database on-disk), but only allow the Gui to display 7-day-at-a-time blocks of historical data; data would need to be read from the disk to seek between 7-day blocks. Then only truly bare-minimum long-term info (i.e. to generate the notifications) would need to be loaded. That’s just one idea, but it just seems like if memory usage grows without bound as long the history grows, even tweaks here and there are unlikely to really solve it.


I installed a new GlassWire version to test the day before yesterday so it hadn’t been running for a very long time. I was only counting the application and not the service.

We’ll do a fundamental redesign of what’s kept in memory if it’s necessary to keep the memory low but hopefully it won’t be necessary.


I have similar issues. Glasswire is constantly over 30& CPU and just shy of 400mb ram.

Windows 8.1 Pro and 16gb ram.


Previous 1.0.25 version run using around 40Mb ram. Updated today to 1.0.30 and it seems it have to processes now and both uses around 500 Mb together:
And CPU usage by GWCtlSrv jumps between 0-5% all the time. This one i’m not sure comes with new version. Maybe it did it so before too


I also noticed after a new version of GlassWire is installed it uses quite a bit more memory, but then later in the day that memory usage decreases significantly. I’m not sure why that is but I’ll see what I can find out.

Currently I am seeing 4.0MB with GlassWire and 10.9MB with the control service. CPU usage is zero for both when it’s closed. GlassWIre jumps up to around 3% when it’s open for me.


In this time I can’t see GWCtlSrv.exe anymore, but GlassWire.exe takes a little bit over 620 Mb of RAM 42-48% of CPU (I’m using W7 Pro 64bit)


With the last version 520-630MB
Each new version like more MB :frowning:

I can post picture if you want.


Try clearing your history and restart GlassWire. Does it help? Of course if it’s critical you keep your history you won’t want to do this. :smile:


When i reboot is better but after 1 days is finish…
My computer stay online without reboot during 3/4/5 days generaly …


My memory use is about 800MByte, it is crazy.


Do you guys use Bittorrent or similar applications often? With normal work computer use I find my memory is under 10MB, for example mine is currently 6.2MB but users who have a lot of connections via Bittorrent report memory usage problems.
We didn’t consider Bittorrent during testing because we don’t use it much ourselves so we’re working on a solution now.


My glasswire.exe is 146 megs & Gwctlsrv is 64 = total 209. I don’t use bittorrent at all.

The last time you reported usage under 10mb, you subsequently revealed that you’d just cleared your history a day before, and that you weren’t including usage by the service either. That’s a pretty deceptive number, as the service’s usage is just as relevant as the application, and clearing the history so frequently is not reasonable and defeats the purpose of the program.

If your statement of 6.2 megabytes again ignores the usage of the service and is based on a very-recent install, it doesn’t really seem relevant :stuck_out_tongue:


Do you use any types of applications that have a ton of connections that could be somewhat similar to Bittorrent? It’s true I updated my GlassWire version on the 7th so perhaps my memory is lower than it should be for normal usage.

My service usage is currently at 15.6MB and my GlassWire is now at 5.7MB. I shouldn’t have left it out, you’re right. :blush:


No p2p stuff. My largest bandwidth-user is SyncBackPro, which I use to do regular system backups over FTPS. The next biggest entry over the last month is “System,” which I presume refers to windows networking/SMB.


May I ask how far your history goes back? Optimizing resource usage is very important for us and any extra details you give will help us do so in the future.


It would appear that it only retains information for up to a month, isn’t that right?


GlassWire only has a one month history and you can clear it any time in settings. You are correct.


I dont use torrent…


I have some news. We are testing a new GlassWire version that should reduce resource usage. Hopefully we can release the update soon.


Just cleared history except for last week. Currently watching GW memory usage in Task Manager. GW (Service & App) memory usage fluctuates between 300 MB and 700 MB, with an average in the 500 - 600 MB range. This is on a x64 six dual core Windows 8.1 machine with 32 GB of RAM. No BT running currently. That’s just ridiculous.