Crazy Memory Usage


Just wanted to add to the discussion… I too, for a long time, noticed high memory usage. As someone mentioned, when Windows has free RAM it will try to use it. So until now I kinda turned a blind eye.

But today I noticed a lot of video playing problems. Task manager showed me the hard drive was crazy busy (SSD; >300MB according to task manager performance view…!). GW was as the root of it. I have 2 dedicated video cards with their own RAM. Should be good enough. i7 processor. Currently not running any torrents (but I am running VPN tools).

I am running Windows 10 but currently am still low on RAM (only 4GB; I plan to buy a lot more soon). Which could explain the hdd problems… Windows is swapping, maybe.

When I stopped the service, everything went back to normal. I have GW installed for quite some time now, but did not find a cleanup log. Using version 1.067b.

UPDATE: now updated to latest version 1.1.32b. “Process” in Task Manager now shows about 70MB hdd usage. Mem is about 450MB, still.




If you don’t need your history please clear your history and upgrade to our latest software for now. You can delete your history by going to the “ProgramData” folder and deleting the “GlassWire” folder after uninstalling Glasswire, then reinstall our latest version.

At the end of this month we hope to release an update that fixes this problem permanently for everyone. This may be related to VPN usage. Thanks!


:slight_smile: Just updated my previous post with newest version. Will test and wait a little more.

Updated numbers above is with GW on Sleep mode btw…

Edit 1: ProgramData\glasswire.db is over 1.2GB big. I’ll remove that one next.
Edit 2: after removing database, RAM usage is back to 70 - the lowest I’ve ever seen :slight_smile: Though Peak Memory usage was up to 225. Still, making lots of progress!
Edit 3: I’m surprised there’s no auto update function…? I got your software through 360 Total Security.



We are working on auto-update, but we want to make sure we get it right so we’re not rushing it.


On the first run of Glassware 1.1.36b memory usage spiked to ~1.5GB and the app hung for a while. Back to 208MB, guess that’s not too bad for 2015.


Using Win 10 and 4GB of memory isnt good it near the lowest limit you need to install more.




Our update with much improved memory usage should come out this month or early next. Sorry for the long delay.


I don’t find it bad v1.1.39b.

Daniel :wink:


I do not notice a performance drop though.
I guess the many connections to peers while running a bittorrent client makes Glasswire use more memory?
Even when I am not transferring much data at all.

Liking Glasswire and continue using it, just the memory usage is quite high though.


This problem with Bittorrent is known. We’re working on an update that solves this. To be an alpha tester please email our helpdesk with “testing group” as the subject.


(managed to fix problem while posting, sharing experience none-the-less)

i’ve been using glasswire for about 6 months now. Using version 1.1.41b. GCS memory consumption is totally outta control. cleaning history or cache doesnt do anything at all. My network graph and app monitoring and traffic analysis has also stopped working. (limited to 1 pic as new forum user :frowning:)

Services Manager seems unable to deal with restart GCS or de-prioritize it, but closing it through taskmgr and restarting it seems to stabilize it. I remember recalling when the current version was released with instructions, it was primarily to solve this problem. I keep my machine running for weeks at a time, so can confirm the link between this problem and large history cache. However, cleaning cache and history did nothing, as previously mentioned.


@a2thep You may want to join our testing group here GlassWire Testing Group - Want to join?

Our next update has a fix for this.


@Ken_GlassWire , thanks for the suggestion. checking out now :slight_smile:



Please advise me I have Win7 ultimate 64bit 16gb ram.

Glasswire version 1.1.41b please check the ram usage showing in my task manager


Hello @Millz1422

You may want to join our testing group. GlassWire Testing Group - Want to join?

Otherwise and update will be made available in a week or two. You can also clear your history and see if that helps.



It says I can’t post links or more than one picture since I am new here, so here, My post.


I too think this is a bit too much,

Running the latest non-beta version.


@EeveeA your picture links inside the pastebin are down. but I have 500MB or more total usage by the 2 glasswire files (the UI and the service)


Well, far too much if you ask me…

Running v1.2.73.