Creation of inbound rules

It would be useful if there was an option for GlassWire (best by default) to only create outbound rules when allowing a program. In addition to that, it would be helpful if there was a description next to each mode for “ask to connect”, “click to block” etc.
From what I have read about firewalls, I understand that inbound rules are only for programs that need to receive “unsolicited” inbound connections, or “act as servers”, meaning to receive connection not requested by the user or app. Isn’t that option less secure if enabled by default for all programs that connect to the internet? Browsers and most other programs work fine (at least from what I have tested) only with outbound rules enabled.

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I think that you might have only understood part of the scope of inbound rules.

You should have a look at the inbound rules in Windows Firewall with Advanced Security. Then work out what you can do without. There’s probably very little that you would remove because no inbound rules (when the Windows Firewall is running) usually means no games, no Skype/video calls, etc.

I think that outbound firewall rules are less useful for what I normally do. But GlassWire provides an easy interface to manage them.because they are very useful for stopping applications from “phoning home” to commonly send telemetry and tracking data.

If your computer is attached to a local network then that network should have a firewall on your router which provides further protection.

Hi Remah,

Thanks for the reply.

I had been using Windows Firewall Control before Glasswire and its default and strongly recommended behavior was to create only outbound rules. I didn’t had any problems with any app in this way. Some apps that required inbound access (listening) created those rules by themselves (I don’t know why without asking, such as Steam) or by popping a Windows Firewall security notification.

All this applies, of course, when the setting is set to “ask to connect”. That is what enables outbound filtering.

I still believe, since this product is supposed to harden Windows’ security, that there should be an option to make the program create only outbound rules when set to “ask to connect” (outbound filtering enabled).


Thanks for your feedback. We are already working on different “Ask to connect” features for the future.