Current Glasswire version detected as a Trojan on VirusTotal (solved)

I downloaded Glasswire on to my pc, and ran the file through virustotal, as i do with all my downloads. The scan came nearly clean, with one engine out of 70 detecting it as a trojan/win.32.tiggre or something like that. Antiy-AVL was what detected it, I think. Should I be worried?? What should I do?? Just thought I’d let you know so you can fix it.

No, GlassWire is not a Trojan.

VirusTotal is a file analysis service, not an antivirus. The question you asked is the top question at the top of our FAQ page.

Why is GlassWire flagging itself as malware under the VirusTotal column?

GlassWire itself may occasionally be flagged as malware by VirusTotal as a false positive.

Thanks for posting this information. We will contact Antiy and see if they can issue a fix. Please also report the false positive to them and it may get solved faster.