Custom Bandwidth Usage

First, I know about the “Usage Alerts” setting but that does not accomplish what I need.

I would like to set a start date and an end date for the usage page. I don’t care about getting a notification, so setting the start date in the “Usage Alerts” settings does not help me. I want to pull up GlassWire, click “Usage” and see my bill cycle “5th of the current month to the 4th of the next month”. I can’t seem to be able to make this happen. When I go to “Custom” I can’t choose a future date. When I go to “Month” I can only move the slider to the 5th of the current month, but I can’t move it to the 4th of the next month.

For example in the current month, I want to see “Apr 5 12:00 am - May 4 11:59 pm” in the usage tab and I can’t figure out how to accomplish this.

On top of this, when I close and re-open GlassWire it resets my custom range. I think it would be very useful for us to save a custom range so that it is always displayed. Seeing the bandwidth usage statistics for the whole month is completely useless for me because it doesn’t coincide with my bill cycle.

Currently my only option is to manually move the slider or select days in the calendar every time my computer turns on.


If you are using GlassWire 2.0 we now have “Data Plan” in GlassWire’s settings.

You can then choose “month” for the time period and “5th” for the start day. However, you’re right that this info does not show up under our “Usage” screen. Perhaps we should make a new pull-down option called “Data Plan” so if you make a plan then it shows up as your default view on “Usage”. Sound good?

We plan to do something similar for Android also.

Sounds great thanks!