Custom Time Limit for Certain Times

There are many providers in my country that limit their data to “certain time” daily, not 24 hours. Glasswire already had the feature that I’m talking about, but Glasswire only reading it for all day long (24 hours), not certain times.

You can see in my picture, the data is limited only from 17.00 to 01.00, but Glasswire didn’t have the setting to set end time (01.00).

If Glasswire can add the feature that I’m showing in the picture, that would be great! And I’m sure a lot of peoples (maybe certain people🤷 idk) want this feature added to Glasswire too!


Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately Google has made it difficult for Android to monitor in smaller time intervals, like hourly so it makes it difficult to implement something like this.

I would double check this though and see. Perhaps I am mistaken.