Damage-causing use of PC resources

When I buy a program, I mean that the developers of the program use the resources of my PC carefully. But however it is not so.

Now many systems use SSD disks. They have maximum recording capacity.
Let’s see how much the program is writing to disk.

I have leaders.

  1. Glasswire (nothing that you can answer does not justify this attitude to my disk)
  2. Google Chrome
  3. Absolutely idiotic file system from Microsoft.
  4. Turned Microsoft into an absolutely idiotic Skype program.

I’ll start with Glaswire.

What is going on?

Evey program that you install in your system, even more programs dedicated to security/control, will have some impact in the resources.
Every AV, firewalll, etc, have this problem…

Of course, there is also many more details to take in account. For instance, the specs of the PC…

Glasswire indeed have a little of high CPU usage, related with the disk usage…
Currently i don’t think there is a solution for this. At least from what i have read here in the forums…
But how “much” is too much in your case? What is the CPU usage/disk?

It just not true. Such a huge use of my disk should not be about 100 Gb/day

Also for example after installin windows 10 fall update its stoped working. Its started after reinstaliing

PS and i am using Glasswire on memory disk now. A can not alow program to kill my ssd

Is Glaswire using 100GB of data in disk, a day? :open_mouth:
Are you sure that is disk usage related to glasswire? It’s a little strange see 100GB of data from Glasswire, but i can’t tell for sure…

“sure” as i can trust ssdready program. No other program writes that much. But now its on a ram-disk and does not write anything. By the way, why be unfounded, you can check it yourself. Install ssready and see.


Do you use Bittorrent?