Data erased after update

When I update to the latest version of the app it erases all my data usage history.

Is there a way to prevent this what am I doing wrong?


I’m very sorry about the issue.

You should be able to restore your settings with the instructions listed here.

This happened to me as well with the latest update. It doesn’t happen every time just the last one. Support got me to try a few things including the above restoration but it didn’t work. It seems my database was corrupted somehow. I hope you can get yours back.

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These instructions have worked several times in recent months. Until tonight. This time, the update had left the most recent backup folder totally empty.

If you do backups you likely have a somewhat recent version of the “service-full” directory just waiting to be plucked from your backup and bring glasswire back to an as new and complete as possible dataset.

The backup saved me tonight. I only lost about 5 hours of timeline data.


one important note: When you bring the data back from your backup, make sure you have removed every file that might be in your service-full folder. Copying OVER files that remain in that folder increases the risk that you’ll have files from two (ore more) different datasets that will fail when they try to work together as a team.


Here is an official way to backup from our user guide that may be helpful.

I apologize for any issues you experienced. We will work hard to avoid situations like that in the future.