Data Usage Alert Not Correct?

I’ve set up a daily data usage to alert me when it exceeds 1.0 Gb. The alert comes up, even though the “Usage” tab shows only 350 Mb used? On my 2nd computer, the 75% usage alert just came up with the usage tab showing only 33 Mb used. Usage tab is set to show “All”. Both computers are Windows 7.

What am I doing wrong?


Is your “usage” screen setting set up to show local and external traffic? What “traffic type” have you chosen for the alert?

Also, did you exclude or include local traffic?

I think it must have something to do with local traffic being excluded, or not?

Click the settings icon on the usage screen to see your data usage settings, like below.

The “Usage” tab is checked to show “incoming & outgoing”, plus “external & local”. The data alert is set for “Traffic Type” = “Total”. “Exclude local network traffic” is not checked.

I just received the 1Gb alert, but the “Usage” tab shows a total of 109 Mb.


For the “usage” tab, on the right side is it set to the same time period as the data alert? I think by default it is set to “Day”, so, if your data alert is counting data from yesterday then the “usage” screen will not show as much data.

By the way, we plan to change this on Windows/Android both, where if you set a data alert by default the “usage” screen shows data specifically for your alert. That should help with issues like this and a lot of people have requested that feature.

Also if you want to click my name here and private message me a screenshot of your data alert, and a full screenshot of your “usage” screen please do so. Feel free to black out any data you want to keep private but allow me to see the right side with the date, the middle date area, and the left side settings if possible.

Both the “Usage” tab and “Data Alert” are set to “Day”. When/what time does the “Day” start for each of these? Are they different?

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