Data usage for each connected device

Can Glasswire monitor the data usage of each device connected to my router?

Thanks for trying GlassWire. Unfortunately GlassWire cannot track your entire network because that would mean it would need to interface with your router.

However many people world-wide use GlassWire to stay under their ISP and mobile data limits. The reason people use GlassWire to stay under their data limits is because in most cases PCs are responsible for data overages and GlassWire can show you in detail what apps/hosts are responsible for using your data. You can then block those apps with our firewall, or just uninstall them.

We also have an Android app that also focuses on data usage, and can show data usage for WiFi and mobile.

GlassWire also has a “Things” list that shows all the IOT (Things) on your network. It can alert you when a new unknown device joins and starts wasting your data.

I beg to differ with you.

What is required is to set the local NIC into promiscuous mode and then ALL traffic will be visible. There is no need to access any routers. (Granted the NIC has to support promiscuous mode.)

WireShark does that just fine.

can you tell how can I do this in wireshark?
wireshark seem so complicated and Im a total newbie in networking.

Do a search on wireshark promiscuous mode

I found several links, but this system won’t let me post a link until I’ve been around longer.

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this is so kind of you to respond,
actually I tried some How-to but couldn’t get along with it, the interface looks built for pro, but I will search and try again with your keyword. thanks.

If you happened to have any noob version of these tutorial kindly mail me at sbbirabdullah@gmail