Data Usage Problem, Suggestions and Mcafee issue

First, I would say that I am really satisfied with GlassWire, however I would like to make some suggestions and report a problem.

The problem concerns the data usage. Sometimes it gives a wrong total data usage and sometimes it simple freezes.

About the suggestions:

  1. I would like to be able to change Mini Viewer size and add total data usage to it.
  2. It would be great if GlassWire could separate data usage per network. For instance, I use the same laptop at home and at work, and I would like to control my home data usage separately from the data that I have used at work.
  3. I noticed that GlassWire has an issue when used with Mcafee. In this case Mcafee substitutes the Windows Firewall and as a consequence the GlassWire Firewall can’t be activated. Thus, by any chance it could be solved? I mean, to find a way that GlassWire and Mcafee Firewall can work together.

Thank you very much.


Thanks for your feedback.

Why do you think the total data info is incorrect? May I ask what version of GlassWire you’re using? Please go to the top left GlassWire menu and choose “About”.

With Mcafee there isn’t anything we can do since their software decides to disable the Windows firewall. I think they have another version of their software that is an antivirus only if you prefer to use GlassWire.

Also some of our users choose to use GlassWire as a network security monitor only in cases where another program disables our firewall feature.

GlassWire Elite Version 1.2.2068b.

Sorry I miss wrote it: The problem concerns the data usage. Sometimes it gives a wrong total data usage because sometimes it simple freezes.

Do you mean the graph doesn’t update and freezes, or the application crash/freezes? Thanks.

The graph stills running, but the total data usage freezes.

@AdMou The Usage panel updates every minute, so it’s not constant like the graph. Is it freezing for longer than 1 minute?

To check you can click to another tab, then click back. We had to make this change to improve resource usage for everyone.