Date displayed in "Usage"

W10 Famille - 21H1 - 19043.1643 / GW Basic 2.3.397 (FW Off)

Today is May 2.
Why is the date displayed in “Usage” April 3?

I’m not sure, if you restart GlassWire does it solve it? What is the date on your PC, is it correct?

The date on my PC was May 2.

I have shutdown and restart the PC. No Change.

Sorry for the issue. I will share it with our team and we’ll try to reproduce this.

Custom date options would be nice to have as well. Such as allowing the International Standard of YYYY-MM-DD - aka ISO-8601.

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I will note that if you change the date by clicking in that date column and maybe hitting arrow keys or simply selecting another date, simply closing the UI does not set it back to current date it stays set on the date you selected until a reboot or if you actually close Glasswire, IE right click in task bar and select exit. Maybe something like this happened to Telegramme.


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