Deactivation upon reboot

hello, ever since i updated to glasswire 1.2.121, glasswire reverts to free version after reboot. i am runnig glasswire elite. i have to reactivate everytime.

please help


To avoid this problem in the future go to the top left GlassWire menu and choose “deactivate” before switching your activation code between PCs. If this problem continues please try the following:

  1. Uninstall GlassWire, reboot, then reinstall GlassWire with its “clean” install option in the installer. Unfortunately this will cause you to lose your settings.

  2. If you use PC cleaning software that can delete our files please white list our directories so our registration files won’t be deleted. Please white list the GlassWire folder in the ProgramData folder.

  3. If you use Kaspersky or another security product that sends all traffic through itself please white list GlassWire so it can access the network.

  4. Please unblock GlassWire with its own firewall if possible.

  5. If you have shared your code with others please let us know so we can help you.

I think the problem that hes having is the same problem that I am having. Every time I update glasswire, I have to go back to my emails and re-input my activation code. I tell the installer to NOT do a clean install, but it seems to wipe my activation key every single time I upgrade to the newest version.


Did you try any of the things above? GlassWire should never wipe your code, even with a clean install.


We once named some names, and a user in the forum became upset (perhaps he worked for one of these companies) so we don’t name names anymore. However I help with the helpdesk and I have had users confirm some cleaning software does cause GlassWire to deactivate unfortunately unless our directories are white listed.

I’m having this issue every time Glasswire installs an update, my activated install of Glasswire upgrades and seems fine… but then after a reboot it is unlicensed. It’s rather annoying to have to track down the license key every time just because of a little update.


Do any of the things posted to the top of this thread apply to you?

If not please email us for other solutions: