Default Language Change?

I just noticed to night after an event center notification popped up that the supporting text for the data displayed was using unfamiliar words. After I saw a few more I recognized that the UI elements were being displayed in Polish. While I could recognize it, I cannot read it, but after a slog through the preferences interface I was able to find the language selection field and set it back to English so that I could actually read the UI. My question is this; I obviously did not (knowingly) change the default language for GlassWire. In fact, It’s one of those apps that I do not regularly interact with unless there is a problem. As such, I do not know how long it may have been that way and gone unnoticed but not THAT long - more importantly any thoughts on what could have caused my default language to change, and specifically to Polski (Polish)? I did recently update to Windows 11 Pro, and I did notice that Polski is the last language in the list. Could my OS update could have somehow wiped a registry key or branch and caused GW to set a default like this? Any thoughts welcome! I am currently on 2.3.335.

Sorry for the issue.

Languages are at our top left menu, so maybe it was accidentally selected.