Default Sorting of the Alerts List Is Currently Unchangeable

Clicking on one of the apps in an Apps list anywhere in Glasswire opens a smaller dialog. That dialog displays along the top of it, the App name, a column labeled “Info,” a column labeled “Hosts,” and a column labeled “Alerts,” if there are any. Clicking on the Alerts header then displays another small dialog showing all alerts in the database for that App, in a list. The alerts in the displayed Alerts list are sorted by date, ascending (by default), thus requiring the user to drag the narrow scroll bar all the way to the bottom of the list in order to view the most recent alerts for the app. I think it makes more sense to sort the alerts in that list by date, DESCENDING (by default), thus placing the more recent alerts at the top of the list where they are more easily accessible. An alternative would be to place a control on the small, alerts list dialog to toggle the default sort order, so as to optionally view it as DESCENDING or ascending. Additionally, clicking on any one of the alerts displayed in that list could open the main Glasswire window’s Alerts Tab and display the clicked alert from the smaller list, in the main window’s Alerts Tab.


I will share this with our team. The UI system we use sometimes has unexpected or strange limitations, but it’s always being updated.


Would it be possible to also add an option to expand the small dialogs to full screen? I find that more often than not there is 20lb of info in a 5lb dialog box.

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Thanks for your feedback.

Please note you can go to our top left menu and choose settings/appearance, and you can make our UI much larger.