Definition of Flags

I like the idea of the Country Flag icons that you show when focusing in on activity in the Graph, but like most of the (US at least) population, I only recognize about a dozen international flags.
Also, I don’t really know what the various icons represent under Host.

I’m sure that you are trying to keep your program lightweight, so I am not suggesting more drop down menus on top of the ones that you already show in Graph details, but maybe a simple “Key” screen that defines the various icons that you use under a Help tab?

For instance, I have no idea what Nigeria’s flag looks like, but I’m thinking (hoping) that legit apps like Mozilla aren’t bouncing my data thru there! Seeing a country (name) associated with the flag icon would be comforting. Seeing which countries MAY be suspicious with an asterisk next to them or something would be even more comforting/useful.


Here is a dictionary of our alerts

For the flags, if it’s under the “usage” tab you can mouse over the flag or click it and it should show the country name there next to “region”. Perhaps we should show the country code like “UK” when any flags are moused over everywhere in the UI.

Great, thanks for the tip, Ken!
Yes if it isn’t a lot of work, having the country code pop up would probably help (as with the Olympics…they usually display both in the corner of the screen when an athlete is competing!).
I think Europeans and many other international citizens probably pay more attention to geography and recognize flags and codes better than most Americans. So…a little more help is good! :wink:

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