Delayed Usage on Graph Window?

Yesterday evening I watched an hour of streaming video from Amazon . Immediately following that, my GW Graph window showed no data usage for that hour. However, today I can see where there is now displayed data usage for that time period yesterday. It seems like the data usage did not appear until after I had shut down the computer overnight and restarted this morning. Is this “delayed display” an expected behavior? I think I have noticed it previously as well. Thanks for the help.


Sorry for the problem. If you click to another GlassWire tab, then click back, does it update faster for you?

I’ve seen this behaviour.

Are you using incognito?

I’ve noticed several tabs don’t update in incognito.

[Usage] is always zero, for example.
Also, on the graph one can see traffic while incognito, but clicking on a peak does not display the active application (as it should).

If you drop incognito for a second or two, then reinstate it, that seems sometime to trigger updating.

Dropping incognito wipes the graph, though, so one still cannot find responsible apps.

Thanks for the replies. I do not use incognito mode at all. Since I first wrote about this, I have watched other streaming video and have not seen the delayed usage issue again. I am thinking it might be due to a data refresh action that is triggered by a specific event that occasionally I must inadvertently skip. Since I have not been able to reliably replicate the issue, I can’t test it.