Deleting All Firewall Rules

I have Glasswire installed and many firewall rules applied.

  1. What happens if I open up Windows firewall and manually delete all the firewall rules there? Will they still be showing in Glassware or will they be deleted there also?

  2. If I open Windows Firewall and “Reset to Default”, would this also delete all the applied firewall rules made with Glasswire?

  3. If I do a clean install of Glasswire, I assume all previous rules would be wiped, correct?

I’m just trying to get a better idea of how to delete/reset all rules and the best way to go about doing it… And wondering how Glasswire handles the mentioned ways of doing it.

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the GW rules are created directly in Windows’ firewall
so, if you delete all Windows’ firewall rules, GW’s rules will also vanish