Deleting entry @ Firewall Setting prevents app from showing up

Like the title states I had Firefox at the firewall section i clicked the X as it stated it will show up once Firefox access the net again i reload Firefox now GlassWire has completely blocked access to Firefox and i can no longer use Firefox now.

It was on the blocked setting i suspect when i X’d it off the firewall list, how do i fix this, it was the previous version, I am now on the newest version, I used CCCleaner to clear all the data and deleted the program files data folder entries thinking this would solve the issue.

I manually attempt to add a “mimicking” firewall inbound out bound entry though you have some sort of coding system in place that glass-wire associates with “valid” entries to the application the many digits that i suspect glasswire wouldn’t read if i manually added them (faked the entry).

Didn’t attempt to reinstall Firefox don’t know if that would solve the issue.

Lil ’ Help.?

Update reinstalled Firefox did not resolve the issue.
Deleted Firefox Inbound outbound firewall rules nothing still.

File cleaners are very useful, but if you use it to delete our files GlassWire will not work properly.

Please uninstall GlassWire, then reboot. Next go to the “Windows Firewall” settings and choose “reset defaults”. Next reinstall GlassWire with the “clean” install option and let me know if it solves the problem. Thanks!

Hello and thank you,

Will try to make this short for your sake.

All is well and fixed on my end the issue was Advanced Firewall Settings Hidden Rule.

Long version:

I looked at the advanced firewall settings and there was an entry for Firefox that prevented me from getting any data off the net so your glasswire application couldn’t log or register it for me to have control over it.

Could’ve been my mistake, though i honestly don’t know how that entry was even there for this to happen it was all working before i X’d it off the application on the blocked setting.

If it was it would be great to see the application be proactive in that if such a situation where to occur in the future to any other user it would remove its self (the X’d application on the Blocked setting from the blocked setting) and once relaunched the application would quickly recognize the app once again.

Which is how i thought this worked in the 1st place. :slight_smile:
Next time to prevent this from happening on my end i will just make sure the application is allowed before preforming a clean up.

U.I. Suggestion:
I would also love it if the application could conform to any width of my choosing as i sadly only have 1 screen atm.
So if a user can edit tabs to conform to a desired width height that would be Ace.

(Took this moment to suggest a helpful u.i. improvement and or alternative that would help, all users.)