Detail Traffic in kb/s and mb/s with numbers not only visual

It would be nice to get detail traffic information in real time. Not only visual grafics. Like this in the green box. The numbers changing in realtime and switching to mb/sec. if the traffic is higher than 1100kb/sec.

Thanks for your feedback. Currently we have something like this with the mini viewer, but it’s a paid feature. Go to the top left GlassWire menu and choose “mini viewer” to see it if you are a paying user.

Perhaps adding this to the main graph is a good idea.

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where does it show? my mini viewer doesnt show any numbers

The mini-viewer will show numbers if you expand it large enough for the numerals to appear. For me, that makes the “mini” larger than I would like, but otherwise the numerals would be so small as to be impossible to read. I adjust size as I need or don’t need the info.

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well if the miniviewer would show the numbers on 2 lines below each other rather then next to each other you could get larger numbers in the same panel size

Great. But to add it to the big graph it might be very nice :slight_smile:

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