Details steams from an host

It will be great to have more information on the active stream from an host.

With GW I discover an AutoCAD 2009 issue: with some dwg file, AutoCAD keep reading and writing with a 500 ko/s rate.
With a single user, I have between 1 to 15 GB trafic for a day for nothing. Hopefully, not all dwg have this issue.

I will try to clean these ‘corrupted’ files and verify network bandwith usage.

When you say more information what kind of information would you like to see? Thanks for your feedback and I’m glad GlassWire was able to help you find that problem with AutoCAD.

I would like to find what cause this issue.
The only solution I have in mind is using wireshark trying to understand what AutoCAD is doing.
I will also try ProcessMonitor on the host running AutoCAD.

I don’t know if GW can show us what steam (files, wegpages, youtube stream, etc.) is/was manipulated by an application in live view or in history.

I understand what you would like to see now. Maybe some type of PCAP format of the network activity will be possible in the future.